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Reasons Why We are the "New State of the Art"

Ethylene Gassing Control

Ethylene sensor controlled gassing, minimizes your gas cost, and stops turning your entire warehouse into one big ripening room.

Precise Control of Oxygen and CO2 levels, automatically.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Most Weight to Sell, Longest Shelf-life.

Fan Motor Speed Control, to Optimize Airflow & Electricasl Costs.

Auto-Reversing Airflow Direction Option Available, for even More-Uniform Ripening.

Reliable Industrial-Grade Ripening Software and Hardware.

Tablet and Smartphone are Standard.

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Ethylene Gas Control Systems

Stop Turning Your Warehouse Into One Big Ripening Room! 

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Catalytic Generators for Ethylene Gassing


Precise Control of Ethylene Gassing for Ripening and De-Greening

When you empty a quart or liter of ethylene liquid into your generator, you are probably gassing your room to 1,000 to 2,000 ppm. That's about 100-times more than you need. Our ethylene sensor monitors and controls the amount of ethylene.

What We Do Differently

We use our patented Ethylene sensor and process controller to give your ripening chamber the exact amount of ethylene you need -no more, no less - every time.

Benefits to Your Operations

  • Stop turning your entire warehouse into One Big Ripening Room!
  • Never have troubles with shelf-life, especially with leafy products and cut flowers
  • Every time you open the door to a room coming off of gassing, the air in that room mixes with the ambient air of the warehouse. The flex door of us helps you in this matter.
  • A room full of 2,000 ppm ethylene can easily make your warehouse 10 ppm - a level high enough to ripen or rot just about everything! But our service helps you to maintain a certain level of ethylene in the air of pressurized ripening room.
  • Also perfect for citrus degreeming. Maintain 5 to 6 ppm automatically.
  • You can ripen to 100ppm ethylene, instead of 2,000!
  • You can also precisely control RH and CO2, and even gas the fruit without the ripener being onsite..

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