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Ethylene Gassing Control

Ethylene sensor controlled gassing, minimizes your gas cost, and stops turning your entire warehouse into one big ripening room.

Precise Control of Oxygen and CO2 levels, automatically.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Most Weight to Sell, Longest Shelf-life.

Fan Motor Speed Control, to Optimize Airflow & Electricasl Costs.

Auto-Reversing Airflow Direction Option Available, for even More-Uniform Ripening.

Reliable Industrial-Grade Ripening Software and Hardware.

Tablet and Smartphone are Standard.

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Mango Ripening

The mango is one of the most popular fruits in the world, and ripening them is not very different than the process for bananas, avocados, and other fruits.

In some parts of the world, acetylene or calcium carbide have been used to ripen mango fruit.  We strongly discourage these methods, most especially because making ethylene gas from catalytic generators is so inexpensive, reliable, and safe.

CAR small ethylene sensor


Ethylene Gassing for Ripening Mango

The Catalytic Generator simply, safely, and reliably makes ethylene gas in sufficient volume for mango ripening, for 12 to 48 hours.

Fresh Air is Important

Because the respiration rate of ripening mango is so high, it is important to have adequate fresh air supply to a ripening room. Using a carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor can easily help you keep CO2 levels to under one-half of one-percent (0.5%)

Relative Humidity is Also Important

It is wise to maintain relative humidity (RH) at levels between 90 and 94%. This minimizes weight loss by the fruit, which in turn increases saleable weight and shelf life, and also provides for better-looking fruit.

More Mango ripening information:

You can also precisely control RH and CO2, and even gas the fruit without the ripener being onsite.

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Safe and hygiene:

The mango ripening process is full safe and hygienic.

Food Standars:

The system is accepted by the international food standards