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Jet-Ripe™ Ripening System Is a Completely Assembled, Ready-To-Use, Portable Forced-Air Ripening Machine. It is simply placed in an existing cold room or refrigerated trailer, into which you also put a Catalytic Generator.  Together, you instantly have modern forced-air palletized ripening, at a tremendous financial savings compared with Tarpless® designs. 

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  • Forced-air ripen fruits including banana, tomato, avocado,
    mango, papaya, and more.
  • No need to air-stack cartons, so labor costs are minimized.
  • Perfect for small lot size ripening.
  • Jet-Ripe System is flexible, you can start with a 10-pallet
    room, and as your business grows, expand to up to 24-
    pallets, with the same Jet-Ripe System.
  • Most-energy efficient system, uses 4HP or less of suction
    fan motors for up to 24 pallets.
  • Optional remote control is available.