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Our Tarp-FreeSystems

There are two configurations of Tarp-Free™ systems.  Air delivery can be at the center of the pallet rows, or at the two sides of the room. Uniform ripening can be achieved through the most technologically advanced Tarp-Free™ systems of Global Ripening. In both the designs, loading and unloading are extremely fast and easy.

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Center Airflow


Side Airflow

ripening room center airflow ripening room side airflow

Center airflow provides for the most uniform temperatures, and most uniform ripening. Ripener access is at each side, meaning the room is a little wider.

Center airflow allows for two-way airflow with reversing fans, for the most uniformly ripened fruit possible. This method is perfect for avocados.


Side airflow sacrifices a bit in uniform temperatures, but they are still better than most of the tarp systems. Ripener access for inspection is easier.

With side curtains, airflow must be one-way only, as the fans if reversed would foul up the side curtains.